1740 Broadway, 14th Floor
New York, NJ 10019

Tradeworx is a financial technology company based in New York.

Our Affiliates

  • Thesys Technologies

    1740 Broadway, 14th Floor    |   New York, NY 10019   |

    Thesys Technologies LLC is the infrastructure affiliate of Tradeworx, serving the high-performance technology needs of all market participants, including institutional investors, professional traders, brokerage firms, exchanges, and regulatory agencies. Thesys offers the fastest and most comprehensive front-to-back trading solution on the market, putting investors and traders on a level playing field with the world's top-tier HFT firms. Learn moreā€¦

    • hyper-efficient algorithms for block and basket-order execution, hosted on the fastest trading infrastructure anywhere
    • real-time and historical surveillance, compliance, and monitoring tools
    • ultra-fast direct or aggregated feeds and order books
    • realistic exchange simulators for backtesting of active and passive strategies
    • historical data and visualization tools
    • value-added colocation services (inter-rack, intra-rack communications)
    • optimized cross-exchange connectivity
    • trading APIs, order management, market handlers, risk checks
    • back office infrastructure

    INTEL case study on THESYS technologies


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